First strapping buckle machine is shipping to Belarus
PET strapping seal machine shipped to Russian and running 4 years smoothly.
Three cordstrap buckle machines are ready to ship Ukraine
Russian customer ordered PET strapping seal machine
USA customer ordered two three machines shipped already
Turkey Customer Ordered steel Strapping Seal Machine with logo embossed
Three PET strapping seal macine shipped to south korea
Poly strapping clips machine shipping to lebanon
Middle-est-customer-order-strapping-buckle-and-hook-machine three strapping buckle machines are shipping to india
PET Strapping seal machine is shipping to egypt with spare parts
PET strapping clip machine shipped to Mexico
PET strapping seal machine shipped to Vietnam
Steel strapping clip machines are ordered by Indian custome
buckle machine for 25 mm buckle
Thailand customer ordered semi automatic machine for steel seal
Thailand customer ordered harder steel strapping seal machine
New customer from Malaysia bought manual feeding steel strapping seal (clip) machine
Customer from south east of asia ordered nestack seal machine
Steel strapping seal machine shipped to Paraguay
Customer from south africa purchase a machine for making strapping buckle