Customer from south africa asking for the flat bar machine

Video of the flat bar machine



Specification of the falt bar machine

1.  Specifications
B. Tensile strength: δb≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa
C. Flat bar thickness: 3mm-10mm
D. Flat bar width: 20mm-150mm
E. Steel coil weight: 5T
F. Steel coil I.D: 508mm
2.  Finished parameters
A. Precision of width: +0.3~-0.9mm
B. Precision of fixed length: 0~+5mm
C. Bending:≤2.5mm/m
D. pitch of cutting: ≤2mm
3. Other parameters
A. Line speed: 0-20m/min
B. Production: incessantly.
C. Operation person: 1 technician and 1 common worker.
D. Power:380V/50HZ/3Ph
E. Machine weight:around 11T

4. Composed devices
1. Simplified de-coiler
2. 7 roller-straightener
3. Chamfering and extrusion machine
4. 2 roller-pinch and press device
5. Longitudinal straightener
6. Flat surface straightener
7. Hydraulic tracking cutting machine
8. Fixed length receive table

9. Hydraulic system
10. Electrical control system

5. Brief introduction of the line
1). Simplified de-coiler
◆It adopts the de-coiling device to expand and shrink manually which could expand fromφ480mm to φ520mm .
◆It is equipped with the brake devices to control the tension of de-coiling and avoid inertia which may cause the coils spring-shaped open.
◆ Loading capacity: 5T.

2). 7 roller-straightener
◆It will be equipped with press arm to press the coil
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\67PJB)~U%YNVJL3NKYSA@B0.png◆It is divided into 2 pinch rollers and 5 leveling rollers.
◆ 2 pinch rollers can eliminate part of the bur after the shearing, while the 5 leveling rollers pre-leveling the plate to feed the flat bar more easily.
◆ The diameter of the rollers isφ125mm (Material: GCr15. Hardness: 62-64). It shares the 45KW motor with 2-roller pinch and press device and both sides of the rollers are adopted the roll bearing to support.




说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\E(VUF4JBLFXODGFYQHUIO{I.png3). Chamfering and extrusion machine
◆ It adopts the 10 stand roller (Material: GCr15. Hardness: 56-58) which are divided into 5 groups , these rollers are used to press and squeeze each side to do the chamfering and edging.
◆This part can make the sharp edge to blunt so that forming the round sides of the flat bars.




说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\}40OAK{JPHHUR3MC)(5P{W7.png4).2 roller-pinch and press device

It is driven by the 45KW motor which is shared with the flat surface straightener, with the reason driven ratio to achieve synchronize.
◆It is equipped with gear distribution box(Material: 45#. Hardness: 50-54).
◆The diameter of the two rollers are 187.5mm(Material: GCr15. Hardness: 62-64), they are used to pinch and press and polish the surface.



说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\C`TR2WTWEWBO38M]ZXJW`7D.png5). Longitudinal straightener
◆7 stand rollers (Material: GCr15. Hardness: 56-58) to straighten the flat bars longitudinal bending.

◆ This device doesn’t have the gear distributor. No powe





6).Flat surface straightener
说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\TA6(%FG$R{K~C2CI5YPJ(PX.png◆It is equipped with 45KW frequency conversion control motor with decelerator.
◆It is composed of 2 pinch rollers and 9 leveling rollers(Material: GCr15. Hardness: 62-64).
◆The motor change to frequency conversion control which is cheaper and with a perfect speed and length





说明: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\1641621717\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\17NGGQUH%AH(QQL8KLN3M{4.png7). Hydraulic tracking cutting machine
◆The machine is applied to the cutting of the flat bars
◆It do the incessantly shearing to advance the efficiency and the even quality.





8). Fixed length receive table
◆The table is designed to 6m

9). Hydraulic system

◆Include the hydraulic cylinders on the devices, oil pipes, hydraulic valve and

so on to ensure the whole line’s hydraulic action.
◆ It is equipped with 7.5KW motor.

10). Electrical control system
◆Control the working of all the electromotors of the devices (speed control and synchronize)