USA customer ordered two three machines shipped already


One of our USA customer ordered three machines for producing PET -strap clips-, steel -strap clips- and strapping buckle.

Samples from customer

steel push seal

push type of steel strappng seals

Serrated Metal Seals Heavy Duty

Serrated seals for 3/4″ Polyester strappingshipped already3000

PET seal from 13 to 19


Buckle machine is completed


PET-strapping clip-machine is completed

Serrated Metal Seals Heavy Duty


sample of 1/2" pet seal


PET 16mm Serrated Seals,


samples of 5/8" pet seal

Serrated Metal Seals Heavy Duty 16mm


sample of 3/4" pet seal


Heavy Duty Serrated Seals for Polyester Strap


pet seal teeth plate sample

steel push seal 32 mm


3/4" pusher-strapping clip-samples

Serrated Seals for Polyester Strap,


all samples are completed



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