Machinery and other things related to packaging and strapping

strapping tools and strapping seals and strapping straps

Strapping tools and strapping items

  1. Tools for PP, PET,Steel and stainless steel strap
  2. Seal and buckle for strapping
  3. Straps for PP, PET,Steel and stainless banding

Steel wire to produce the lock

  1. Steel bars are from high quality rods manufacturer
  2. Cold drawstring for better mechanical quality
  3. High tensile strength is quarantined for strapping

  Galvanized steel coil for production

  1. All sizes of galvanized steel coils
  2. Slitting into a small coil of 100 KG / coil
  3. Color rolls are also available according to the color code

Slitting machine for producing strapping seals

  1. Width range of 16 mm to 550 mm
  2. Thickness range of 0.4 mm to 1.6 mm
  3. Inner diameter: Φ508mm

Steel drum making machine

With a few workers, you can produce 150 pieces of steel drums (60L to 200L) smoothly.

Pneumatic machine for strap buckle

The machine is designed and controlled by hydraulic system with PLC which can produce wire lock with hard steel wire

Composite making machine

The device is suitable for high speed wire extrusion of flexible belts, mainly used to produce 13MM 16MM 19MM 25MM 32MM 32MM (depending on model).

Machinery for hooks and ooks

Machines for all types of hooks and pegs are widely used in all industries


Steel ring drum locking machine

1 Special machine for locking ring 
2 All sizes of locking ring can be made 
3 It can be customized on request

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