Video of Machine for 13 mm- packing clip and PP strap clip


Speed: 90 pieces/minute

Products size range: 13 16 19 x 30 x 0.25--0.9mm

Material: steel coil

Specification:specification for pp-strapping clip-machine

Video: pp-strapping clip-machine video




Video of Machine for 13 mm- packing clip and PP strap clip


13 x 31 pp strapping seal


Polypropylene Strap clips


Whether you strap pallets by hand or machine, polypropylene strap is one of

the best strapping materials

For hand strapping applications, Polypropylene strapping is a great option. It

is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use by hand, with decent break loads

between 90kg and 180kg depending on width of the strapping.

The Polypropylene Strap seals are vitally important int he whole process of
box strapping or object strapping because the weakest point is just the location

where the strapping is broken
So we provide the machine to produce seal Polypropylene Strap seals with
embossed points for better grips over the straps after application of strapping





more video link at youtube


The PP plastic strapping clips for manual packaging are manufactured in many Asian counntries



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