Packing Seals & Clips Can Be Customized as per your design

Iin China customers accept the legnth of the clip with 25 to 30 mm

but In india with 35- 45 mm or longer

and some other countries have special sizesa nd shape which we can customize for you


Please send your desgin to our email:

[email protected]


Whatsapp: +86 18621323471

we will make the samples for you if you are going to order

in whole sale quantity


we provide big quantity of PP and PET strapping clips every week

If you need normal PP and PET strap clips in big volume please

contact us for more information


PP strap clips

PP strapping clips are supplied with big quantity


there are three sizes can be ordered


Economic solution for PP and PET strapping clips,packing clips


each width of the clip can be customized






( pleae contact by Whatsapp: +86 18621323471

for more inforamton)




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