Steel coil and steel wire uncoilers


When we produce the steel strapping clips and strapping buckles

we need good and cheap uncoilers connecting with the automatic strapping clip

and strapping buckle machines.

We try to think ourselves as one of the bet solutioin providers for your uncoilers

because we make these uncoilers according to customer's customized requirements

for good and cheap uncoilers.


Steel wire uncoilers

This uniqute designing of the steel wire uncoiler is based on customer's requiremnet

(1) customer needs the uncoiler must be strong in structure

(2) The uncoiler must install a conical bearing for heavy-duty load of wires

(3) The uncoilers must be carried around by a forklift or jacklift to alternate feeding of

the steel wires one another in production line without stop

(4) the color is painted according to customer's paint Panton color card


Steel wire uncoilers


The uncoiler is turning smoothly during running a production line




The uncoiler is easily carried by forklift moving around

with a steel pallet specially for lifting


The customers usually order two uncoilers for

being interchangeable during production, one for

the production line and another for forklift to load

another new wire coils



When packing, the two two uncoilers are paced up and down

for saving space and get less cost in transportation


Finally we cover with stretch films



the packing size is 1450x1030x1360 mm= 2 M3 for the two uncoilers















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