SSSM-1940 Automatic machine for making 19 x 60 steel strap clip


Video of 19 mm x 60 push seal machine :



About the machine of 19 mm x 60 mm steel push seal 

Speed: 90 pieces/minute                                                    

products size 19 22 32 x 30 35 40 45 50 55 mm

Material: steel coil

The push seal -19 mm- is used for -19 mm- x .020" Mini Steel Strapping Coil, 1400 lbs. Break Strength, Black

 push seal for steel strapping is meant for heavy duty applications.

This seal is usable with 3/4" strap and must be prethreaded. This is a single notch steel strapping seal.

Used where strap is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal.

Overlapping flanges withstand the higher stress.

It can make other length of 19 steel strap push seal






Harder steel materials

High tensile steel push seal
High Tensile (HT)
High Tensile steel strapping is made to offer optimum results
across any industry load application. High Tensile steel strapping
is a cold-rolled steel with high carbon and manganese content,
and is heat treated to ensure uniform tensile
and elongation characteristics. High Tensile and
is available in different strap finishes.
Our machine can also produce the high tensile or cold-roll hard steel seals



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