How to adjust the machine for PP strapping clips after you first get the machine part two

Video of how to adjust the machine




Names of the parts related:




if you come across the problems of embossing in which the point embossed

is not in the center postion, and adjusting the depth of the embossing or

lift up the mold of embossing without any points embossed so this is

the video of how to adjust them:

(1)first pus the strip forward
turn the big belt wheel by hand
to make first clip manually

(2)now adust the postion of the clips
if its position is not in the center
please follow the steps to adjust

adust the " limite plate" at right


(3) to feed the strip a bit longer until

limit plate

(4) make a clip again manually
if it is in the center postion

if the angle is not correct please

like this way

(5) the upper mold can be moved
and adjusted for center position

make a few clips to see whether

are all
in center postion

(6) if the points are too much close to
the right please move the

mold to the left side

move about 0.5 mm and try again
now it is in the center postion

(7) after all is set correct and fix the


this big screw is for the adjusting

depth of
embossing points and no

embossing at all
if you do not

need the points
uncrew the big

screw and adjust

fasten the screw






PP STRAPPING CLIPS · Manufacturing Machine· 

Ideal for heavy duty applications with poly strapping.
there are many type of  PP strapping seals which used together 
manual strapping tools.
Polypropylene Strap clips
Whether you strap pallets by hand or machine, polypropylene strap is one of 
the best strapping materials
For hand strapping applications,  Polypropylene strapping is a great option. It 
is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use by hand, with decent break loads 
between 90kg and 180kg depending on width of the strapping.
The Polypropylene Strap seals are vitally important int he whole process of
box strapping or object strapping because the weakest point is just the location 
where the strapping is broken
So we provide the machine to produce seal Polypropylene Strap seals with
embossed points for better grips over the straps after application of strapping




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