Make the snap-on steel seal 

The steel strapping seal machine can make the snap-on steel seal both by automatic style machine and semi- style machine

Speed: 90 pieces/minute    ( which can be faster by adjusting the machine belt wheel)                                                 

products size 1/2', 5/8' and 3/4'

Material: steel coil gavanized

Video clip >>> steel strapping seal machine video

Specification >>> down load specification of steel strapping seal machine

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Video from for 3/4' steel snap-on seal 34 c







All sizes of open steel strapping seal can be made



here it is a kind of semi-automatic steel straping seal machine for open steel strapping seal production

 which is fed manually with steel scrap material but produced automatically. See below




The snap-on steel seal 3/4" can be sealed by sealer from Signode 34c



The size of the seal is made accurately with tolerance -/+ 0.2 mm



So all the tool can use the same model snap-on steel seal 34 c




this is the size which shows how accurate the seal size can be




make the seal and save the cost greatly