Specification for steel strap tempering+ painting+waxing with single ribbon rewinding



Here is the main specification for the production line:

Technical data for the finished product of the production line
Steel strapping strips number, 12 strips.
Steel strapping strips size can be produced, 16 19 25 and 32 mm
Tensile strength :650- 750 Mpa
Elongation, 3.5-6.0% ( depending on steel raw materials) Nominal strap width: 19 mm & 31.75 mm
Productivity : 1200kg/per hour
Workshop length 30-35 meters, width 10-15 meters with double floor structure to save more space in the workshop
Power, total power, 440 KW ( high frequency induction heater needs 200 KW, painting drying section needs 160 KW,

wax drying strove needs, 20 KW, the rest equipment need remaining power)




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