steel strap tempering+ painting+waxing with single ribbon rewinding


 It is not economic to start the production of steel strapping tempering line by investing huge money

for full automatic line if your market accepts the steel strapping only tempered and painted and waxed with manual rewinding at end

It can produce the products of steel strapping ranging from (0.36-1.2mm thickness) to

( 16mm--32mm width )and it can produce 12 lines of strip of steel strapping at same time
The output may reach 3600 tons-5000 tons/year depending on your working shifts
According to the current analysis and research of domestic steel strip manufacturers,

our company has developed a new type of special strip tempering machinery production line equipment!

This product has stable performance, wide range of use, saves electricity, and reduces energy consumption
Low labor intensity, no operating injuries, no pollution, reduced production costs,

improved product quality, self-invested in research and development
After being put on the market, it received unanimous praise from manufacturer



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