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Stainless Steel Bandings 304

Q&A Customers inquires about the stainless steel banding



Inquiry from customer of Philippines:


Do you have the 1/2' stainless steel banding?

Yes we have, and there are three thickness for the 1/2' banding

1/2' x 0.4 mm banding

1/2' x 0.5 mm banding

1/2' x 0.7 mm banding


Stainless steel banding tools and machines and buckles

Stainles steel banding and buckles are used extensively
in the oil and gas industry, as well as to mount signs, traffic
control and electrical devices,
Changs machines are the solution for manufacturing stainless steel banding
products at anytime for your application requires strength,
durability and corrosion resistance.
We carry a large selection of steel banding machines/ strapping tools
to complement our line of machines and progressive dies for making
stainless steel wing seals and buckles.




How are they packed in carton?

30 meters/per coil and packed in a paper box

and 20 boxes/per carton

the cartons size is 355x225x195 mm

the weight for the 1/2' banding is

1.1 kg for 0.4 mm x 13
1.4kg for 0.5 mm x 13
2 kg for 0.7 mm x 13


Is the stainless steel banding trimmed before packing?

Yes they are trimmed before packing

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