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Stainless Steel Bandings 304



Specification & Data

Product Name

Stainless Steel Bandings

Material type

304 stainless steel

Size one

1/2’ x 0.76 mm

Size two

5/8’ x 0.76 mm

stainless steel banding 304


    stainless steel strap 304

Technical data

Banding size

Size one, 1/2’ x 0.76 mm x 30 meters/coil/paper box
Size two, 5/8’ x 0.76 mm x 30 meters/coil/paper box

Buckle thickness

Size one, 0.76 mm
Size two, 0.76 mm


Utilized in general use banding applications, such as cables, hoses and signs bundling;

Steel materials

304 stainless steel: nickel content is about 7.5%, has excellent corrosion resistance and ductility, and can adapt to environments other than acid-base environments

Quality standard

National standard 304 stainless steel




Price for 1/2’

( email to [email protected])

USDbox x 200 box= USD/for 200 paper boxes

Price for 5/8’

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USD/piece x 200 box= USD/for 200 paper boxes


1/2’  stainless steel banding packed  in 30 meter/box, 5/8’ banding is also packed in 30 meters/box


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