Customer order


We have customer who ordered the steel strapping tempering line (without painting section)

machines are in the list below

1.uncoiler: maximum diater 500 mm
2. cutter: maximum cutting width, 450mm,thickness,2.5mm, motor,4 KW

3.scrap machine,2.2 kW deceleration machine with speed regulating motor No. 350

4. slitter: maximum width,400 mm,thickness,2

.5 mm with one set of blades 5.High frequency induction heater,80 kilowatt, two sets, with high frequency induction head, equipment rack, split roller, and press roller.

6.Cooling tower,with three sets of pumps

7.Rubber roller

8.S-roller,with 3 KW speed reducer of model 250

9.Rewinders, with equipment racks and reenforced H shape steel for base frame, total one big motor of 11 KW for all rewinders.

The power is for 415v/3phase/50hz Packing is by 40 feet container



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