Steel strapping tempering line --- tools and parts are needed

Name of parts charge price$usd quantity amount note
screws and nuts free for all the machnes screw
water tubes free for the cooling system
water meter free 1 if need more water meter it is provided as spare part
metal spacers free for spacing of strips
electric wire free for connecting power only if long distance there will be charge for extra wires
coil cart free 1 one cart if more it is charged
slitting blades charge 2 blades for slitting the steel material
gringding machine charge 1 the blades need grinding and sharpening after some time if you have then no need for the machine
plat rubber roller charge 12 the rubber roller need change after long time use
induction ring charge 2 after long time use the induction heating ring need change
argon-arc welder charge 1 if you have the welder so no need for the welder
welder meter charge 1 if need a meter before the welder so it is provided
easy crane steel charge 1 if need the crace steels are made in China so they are provided
jute cloth charge 4000 if the container can fill such quantity
industrial fans charge 180 for the workshop use
electric crane charge 1 The electric motor driven simple crane for 10 ton
industrial scissor charge 2 for cutting the finished coil


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