How many type of poly strapping seals?

(1) Closed type of poly strapping seal


Polypropylene straping, commonly call polypro, is the most cost effective webbing available. It is available in lightweight and heavyweight strengths. Lightweight polypro typically has a breakstrength of 600 lbs per inch wide. Heavyweight polypro is commonly 800 lbs per inch wide.

this multiple overlapping closed poly strapping seals enable the tensile strength as strong as 600-800 lbs after closure, but it heavily depend on the thicknes of

the steel coil used for the poly strapping closed seal.

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(2) Smooth inside open poly strapping seal

smooth inside plastic strapping seals are made from galvanized metal with a smooth inside surface which clutches to embossed plastic strapping. These smooth seals offer maximum seal efficiency on hand grade plastic strapping.

it enable the tensile strength of 300 lbs after closure with poly strapping which is best alternative for light strapping and often used in fast strapping applications

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(3) Poly strapping seal with serrated points


Available in various dimensions and strength types.
Special inside serrated points which anable better holding of the strapping in the sealing after closure of poly strapping
Easy and handy in use.

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Cost analysis for investing PP seal machine

If you have a machine which can produce as fast as 90 pieces/minute for your production, that means you can produce about 40,000 to 50,000 pieces in one working day which is about 148 KG or 185 KG per day( if the size is 16x31x0.5mm galvanized steel) and if you can sell the products at a price of 0.005 USD/piece in your local market as minimum pricing, you will get a 200-250 USD output and sale per day and will get 36,000--45,000 USD output and sale in 6 months, and you will get the machine investment funds back after six months' production and sales if you have a 15% minimum profit out of production and sales at your local market ( but of course depending on sale's ability) on the condition that you get galvanized steel coil at a price of less than 1000 USD/ton.




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