How to install the machine of steel strapping seal

Speed: 90 pieces/minute                                                    

products size 19 22 32 x 30 35 40 45 50 55 mm

Material: steel coil

Video clip >>> steel strapping seal machine video

Specification >>> down load specification of steel strapping seal machine


1.  Connect the power supply, make sure the running direction of the belt pulley(5) same as the arrow direction on the pulley.

2.  Turn off the machine, run the machine by hand through pulley. Make the Mould(1) to the top place.

3.  Feed the raw material into the machine through the feeding rolls(8) until it in the Shearing platform(7).

4.  Do not turn on the machine! Produce 3-5 seals manually through the belt pulley. Make sure every seal can be pushed out.

5.  Fest the feeding rolls and turn on the machine. Begin the continues work.

6.  By every new feeding, repeat step 2 to 5.

7. Fixing the machine by foot steel screw

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