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After serice on Teeth plate change for PET-strapping clip-machine





If you start to change the teeth plates, please check the videos twice before you

fully understand how to change the teeth plates

Please arrange your tenchnician to do the job for you instead of putting your hand directly to it.





If you want to adjust the teeth plate to deep teeth effect, we suggest that you'd better to

have a test in PET strapping tensile strength and breaking point testing.

It is not to adjust the thickness of the teeth beyond 0.3 mm because the steel plate is only

0.7--0.8 mm so it is not easy to control the thickness of the teeth when it would punch

and make deeper than 0.3 mm teeth that would damage the teeth plates and the whole


We strongly suggest that at very beginnig or first time you change the teeth plates

please arrange the technician with experience to do the job for you.


If you meet some difficulties please do contact immediately without heistation

Our working hours:

GMT time: from 8๏ผš00 AM to 14:00 PM

PLease send email to us first when you need guidance on the uninstalling and installing

of teeth plate๏ผš

[email protected]

If you want to talk or discuss with our engineer directly, please try to add our wechat

first, because we must online comminicate through wechat and translation online through

wechat( engineer speaks Chiense only)

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