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Teeth plate change for PET-strapping clip-machine



Importance of the parts, teeth plate


One of the most frequently changed parts is the teeth plate which punch and make teeth simultaneously while making the shape of the PET strapping seal

Because the depth and shape of the teeth affect the final result of tensile strength after the PET strapping is sealed by it.

But there is limitation in the machine for making the depth of the teeth, if too much deeper it makes the more frenquently it needs change the teeth plate

Teeth plate change forPET-strapping clip-machine teeth plate

Teeth plate change forPET-strapping clip-machineit is made from Japanese SKD-11 tooling steel


Teeth plate change forPET-strapping clip-machineoutside size


wire cut

If you have wire cut maker nearby your workshop you may request your supplier to make teeth plate for you

Teeth plate change forPET-strapping clip-machinewire cut drawing








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