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A Japanese company in the Philippines ordered a machine for making three sizes of steel-strapping seal clipss


The customer ordered a machine for making three sizes of steel -strapping clip- seals which are quite frequently

ordered among customers especially from customers in steel mills


First size 32 x 55 mm x 0.9 mm


steel seal 32 x 55 mm


Video of machine testing:




Second size: 19 x 28.5 x 0.6 mm


steel seal 19 x 28.5 push seal








Frequently asked questions

* Can colld-rolled steel materials be used to make steel -strapping clip-s?

Yes they can be used to make steel clips

* Which country have you exported with the cold-rolled steel -strapping clip-s making machine?

Yes we have exported to India with such machine

* Can one machine produces -13 mm- and -16 mm- and -19 mm- steel strapping push seals?

Yes it can produces all of them in one machine














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