PET strapping straps

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Specification & Data

Product Name

PET strapping straps


16-19 mm

Model No.



see below table

customerized pet straps

customerized pet straps

customerized pet straps

Technical data

Strap thickness


Strap type

/PET Strap

Maximum tensioning force

700 kg

Strap minimum width

16-19 mm


For industry

Single package size:

125x50 mm

Package Type:

Feature of the PET strapping straps



Corrosion and high temperature resistance
More corrosion resistant than steel belt








Double-sided embossing, clear lines
Good anti-slip performance











High strength, not fragile

Black pet packing belt can also achieve high strength.









Smooth section, safe operation
Prevent sharp edges from hurting operators












Color customization.







Packing roll weight, can be customized












logo customization


pet straps


pet strap


pet strap


pet strapping


pet strap Color customization


pet straps  Packing roll weight, can be customized


pet strap logo can be customerized








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