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Feeding length adjustment



The machine is made with high quality steel material and very solid and stable in production which can last as long as more than ten years

If you have a good and experienced technician who takes care of the machine so there is little problem occur during daily production

But there are some points which we have to pay attention to:

(1) application of steel raw material:

If you change the thickness of the steel raw material you have to change the teeth plate depth in order to form the teeth smoothly, whether you change from 1.0 mm to 0.8 mm thickness or vice versa. example of how to change, please click the link for follow " change teeth plate of PET-strapping clip-machine when steel material thickness is changed" >>>

It is better to use the galvanized steel coil to produce the PET -strap clips- and we do not encourage to use the cold rolled steel coil especially those ones that are well annealled

which make the life length of PET seal teeth tooling plate shorter than expected.after long time of production ( say more than six months) or the use of harder material very ofter ( like the cold rolled or less annealled steel coil) the teeth tooling plate has to be changed

( see " teeth plate chage ")

(2) adjustment of the teeth depth:

The designed depth is about 0.2 mm whch is in the range suitable for the teeth plate and we do not encourage to adjust the teeth plate too deep which might looks nice but would damage the teeth plate easily; but if you apply the thinner steel coil in production each time different and need to be ajdusted which you may refer to " teeth depth adjusting"

Please watch the video link published in youtube for "PET-strapping clip-machine---how to change the serration teeth plate"

(3) feeding length adjust:

In case you encounter the situation of feeding strip being out of sync after you change the mold or some other operation you may adjust it by refer to the video of " feeding length adjust "

(4) out of sync:

Out of sync happens when the worker operates the machine abnormally which cause the gear transferring out of sync especially causing the big wheel gear running one or two teeths dislocating.

If you encounter such situation please call or contact our engineer who will on line guide you how to solve the problem of " out of sync "

(5) how to change molds

It is recommended that one machine to produce one size of PET strapping sea for a long period of time but if you need to change the mold very ofter due to market changing or customer's new demand so we strongly to suggest that you change the mold under the instructions of engineer on line by video communication which need one or two hours usually

Please watch more video in the youtube at " How to change mold for pet-strapping clip-machine"

( see " how to change molds ")

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