All the steel strapping seals


How many tipes of steel strapping seals?

there are many types of the steel strapping seals, here are some of them

Snap-on Seals

All the steel strapping seals,thread-on,snack-on, push seal,open flange steel seal

Snap-on Seals

Snap-on seals are used primarily in notch joint applications. These seals can feature a grit coating on the inside to increase friction between the strapping and the seals. Snap-on seals are placed on overlapping strap ends during or after strap tensioning. These seals help to reduce application time in higher production environments. Used with: plastic and steel strapping

Thread-on seals

These seals are used on both crimp and notch joint applications. They must be threaded over the overlapping strap ends before the tensioning tool is applied. Generally used on bales, bundles and large strap sizes, thread-on seals are made for 1 ¼” – 2” (31.8 – 50.8 mm) strapping and can be used on both dry and lubricated strapping. Used with: steel strapping

Open-flange seals

A heavy-duty version of the snap-on seal which is used to join heavier gauge steel strapping. Similar in construction to a snap-on, open flange seals feature one flange that angles more toward the center of the seal. These seals can be applied with several different sealers, providing both crimp and notch joints. Used with: steel strapping

Push-type seals

Ideal for round or irregular shaped bundles, push-type seals are used with a push-type tensioner to secure steel strapping. The flanges on a push-type seal completely overlap so both strap ends must be manually pre-threaded through the push seal before tensioning. These seals are usually crowned to prevent them from migrating too far into the hand tool during tensioning. A reverse notch joint is typically used to secure push-type seals. Used with: steel strapping

Microgrip® Seals

Microgrip seals are used for severe impact applications using waxed strapping. Microgrip seals are coated inside with a high-friction grit which bites through the wax to provide maximum holding power. Used with: steel strapping


Tooth Seals

Tooth seals are used for plastic strap applications and have teeth that dig into the lubricated surface of the strap to provide the necessary friction to keep strap joints. Bundles are held together with nibs that dig into poly beading. Used with: plastic strapping







Frequently asked questions

* Can colld-rolled steel materials be used to make steel -strapping clip-s?

Yes they can be used to make steel clips

* Which country have you exported with the cold-rolled steel -strapping clip-s making machine?

Yes we have exported to India with such machine

* Can one machine produces -13 mm- and -16 mm- and -19 mm- steel strapping push seals?

Yes it can produces all of them in one machine




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