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Ratchet Lokt Cable Tie

201 / 304 Stainless Steel Ratchet Lokt Cable Tie 


Stainless Steel Ratchet Lokt Cable Tie 

Product introduction


1.Stainless Steel: Steel with Ratchet-Lokt banding buckle. All length are available, special size can be customised.
2.High tensile strength,non flammablity,high resistance to acetic acid,alkali acid,corrode..
3.Dedicated for hose bundling.
4.Working Temperature: -60~150ºC.

Steel tie with Ratchet-Lokt banding buckle;                                              

Dedicated for hose bundling                                                                                                
Installed without professional tool.

Part  Specification(W*L) Thickness Maxi bundled diameter
YFRT-400A 10*400 0.4mm 100mm
YFRT-600A 10*600 0.4mm 180mm
YFRT-800A 10*800 0.4mm 230mm
YFRT-900A 10*900 0.4mm 280mm
YFRT-1000A 10*1000 0.4mm 300mm
YFRT-1100A 10*1100 0.4mm 330mm
YFRT-1200A 10*1200 0.4mm 380mm
YFRT-1300A 10*1300 0.4mm 400mm
YFRT-1400A 10*1400 0.4mm 430mm
YFRT-1500A 10*1500 0.4mm 457mm
YFRT-400B 20*400 0.4mm 100mm
YFRT-600B 20*600 0.4mm 180mm
YFRT-800B 20*800 0.4mm 230mm
YFRT-900B 20*900 0.4mm 280mm
YFRT-1000B 20*1000 0.4mm 300mm
YFRT-1100B 20*1100 0.4mm 330mm
YFRT-1200B 20*1200 0.4mm 380mm
YFRT-1300B 20*1300 0.4mm 400mm
YFRT-1400B 20*1400 0.4mm 430mm
YFRT-1500B 20*1500 0.4mm 457mm



Production of the ratchet cable ties










The machine is consists of punch press machine, progressive die, and flatting machine + feeding unit.
It can produce all kinds of stainless wing seas by changing the automatic dies. But for stainless steel screw buckle and L-buckle, there are more steps to complete all the process.
It is quite a investment for the production of whole series of
We suggest that from purchasing of the stainless banding products to the building up new factory producing them is safe and realistic way for all new comers and beginners.

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