Drawings for the strapping seals and buckles

Steel strapping seals

Steel strappping push seals
16xz22x0.64 mm
16x40x0.5 mm
19x27x0.5 mm
19x56x0.8 mm
19x45x0.9 mm
32x48x0.9 mm
32x57x0.8 mm

Steel strapping snap-on seal

19x7 mm snap-on steel seal


Steel strappping semi open

16x28x0.5(semi open)


steel strapping open seal,

12.7x28.5x0.5 mm

Poly strapping open seals

13 x 27 x 0.5 mm
13 x 28 x 0.5 mm
16x28x0.5 mm
19x28x0.5 mm
16x30x0.5 mm ( sharp)

PET strapping seals

13 x 28 x 0.7 mm
19x30x0.7 mm
16x30x0.8 mm

19x30x0.9 mm
13x28x0.8 mm

16x31x1.6 mm (heavy-duty)
teeth forming plate
cutting cutter
35x19x1.8 mm ( heavy-duty)


Strapping buckles


13 x 3.0 mm buckle

16x 3.5 mm buckle

19x 4.0 mm buckle

25 x 5.0 mm buckle

32 x 7.0 mm buckle

32 x8.0 mm buckle


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