Snap-On Steel strap seals 19 mm are used daily and can be produced daily

Video of the machine SNAP-ON steel starping seals



SNAP-ON steel starping seals

For use with metal banding, the SNAP-ON seals are available here in open
style and are galvanized for rust prevention.
Make sealing your steel strap a much lighter task than expected;
Easy to apply and seal using the steel strap crimper
These metal seals are made from galvanised hard steel
and are designed to work with steel strapping.
Simply place the seal over the overlapping strap ends
Simple Instructions: Manually wrap the metal banding
around the load, tighten strap with a tensioner,
then apply an open seal (listed below), next crimp the seal
with a double-notch sealer, and finally cut the excess
metal banding with the strapping cutter.


Snap-on steel strap seal -19 mm- are sold with a price of

30 USD/1000 pieces/box on the wholesale market,

but if you produce them the cost is only 10 USD/1000pieces/box

. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the machine cost and

know how many months to have the invest-money-return in the analysis.

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