Steel wire galvanized can be made into strapping buckle directly


Video of the wire buckle machine


If you can do both by making buckle directly from wire galvanized or make black Wire and then make the coating afterward

Our customer from India who needs machine to produce the steel wire directly from galvanized steel wires.

We succeeded in making such machine for customer and use the galvanized steel wire without hurting the surface of the wire.


Composite cord strapping is designed as one of the best alternative to metal strapping.

(please click to see a video aboout the cord strappig replacing the steel strapping >>>)

When used with buckles, composite strapping provides you the strongest and most

reliable joint. In fact it is considered the most durable joint in the strapping industry.

The machine which produces the buckles are very important in the whole industry line

which need to be fast, cost effective and safe + stable.

our buckle machine provides the solution to the needs of customers.

we have 13 buckle machine, 16 buckle machine, 19 buckle 





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