PET strapping staple machnie shipping to Petersburg

машина металлического скобы для обвязки ПЭТ отгружается в Петербург




New customer from Petersburg asked for new design of teeth plate

and make new PET strapping clips to reenforce the strength of gripping

during the application of PET strapping clips with tools



with the new design of the teeth plate the customer

thinks it is better to have more teeth in a row than

the ones we have that is regualar array with less rows

and less teeth in total.

What do you think, which is better?

please write to us and discuss about it







1.Have you exported the PET seal machine to Brazil?

Yes we have and we have had three customers in Brazil

Click for one of the customers in Brazil:


2. Do you have Heavy-duty PET-strapping seal clips machine?

Yes we have heavy-duty PET-strapping seal clips machine Heavy-duty PET-strapping seal clips machine

3.How strong the PET strapping clips are when used in heavy-duty packing

They can be used for packing paving stones...Heavy-duty PET-strapping seal clips machine



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