PET strapping clips machine shipped to customers

PET-strapping clip-machine shipped to Chicago USA



PET-strapping clip-machine was shipped to Russia and producing good clips for pet strapping

В Россию отгружена клипса для обвязки ПЭТ, производящая хорошие клипсы для обвязки домашних животных.




폴리에스테르 밴드 금속 집게 제조기

19 mm- pet -strapping clip- machine shipped to South Korea




PET strapping staple machnie shipping to Petersburg

машина металлического скобы для обвязки ПЭТ отгружается в Петербург


PET strapping clips machine shipping to Indonesia through Indonesian agent in Guanzhou

Pengiriman mesin strapping clip PET ke Indonesia melalui agen Indonesia di Guangzhou


PET strapping seal machines have been shipped to customers in Brazil

Máquina de selagem de cintas PET enviada para Porto União, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil


PET strapping clip machine is shipped through train from Yiwu to Novorossiysk railway station







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which we will supply you with two sets for your future use,

because it is the most important spare parts for the machine.

Apart from this factor of strong serrated tooth, our machine

also make nice PET -strapping clip- with 1 mm thickness of

high quality steel plate which yield stregnth is > 340 Mpa.

Our machine has passed the CE certificate inspection

PET -strapping clip-s machine shipped to customers


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Speed:90 pieces/minute

material: steel coil

Specification: PET-strapping clip-specification

Video: pet-strapping clip-video

Power: 1.1 KW

Machine weight: 550 KG

Machine size: 1.2 M2




it can produce 5/8" pet strapping seal


PET -strapping clip-s machine shipped to customers 200










More videos, please click for

[13 mm pet clip machine (-13 mm- )],

[16 mm PET clip machine ( -16 mm-)],


[19 mm PET clip machine (-19 mm-)]".




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