PET strapping serrated seal clips machine for 5/8" (16mm) heavy duty







Introduction to Machine for PET serrated 5/8' seal clip heavy-duty


The machine mainly produces 5/8" PET strapping serrated seals clips for thos customers who need heavy-duty application in the market

The raw material is the galvanized steel coil which thickness is 1.15 mm 20% more than usual thickness in the market

The length of the seal is 35 mm which is also 15 % longer than usual PET seal

The PET strapping seal 3/4' heavy duty is widely used in the heavy-duty strapping application which is going to replace some application by steel strapping

because it reaches as strong as 750 KG of breaking point for PET strapping.

So the PET seal must hold for at least 70 % of what PET strapping requires it to keep that is 450-55- KG tensile strength.

The rate for PET seal clip 5/8' is quite high compared with other size of the seals.

Photo of the PET seal 5/8' produced by the machine heavy-duty

Introduction to Machine for PET serrated 5/8' seal clip heavy-duty


thickness: 1.15 mm


thickness: 1.15 mm


length is 35 mm


length is 35 mm


for 5/8' heavy-duty application


Introduction to Machine for PET serrated 3/4' seal clip heavy-duty


machine is paced for delivery







What is the feature of PET clip machine?

Serrated Seal for Plastic (PET) Strap
Serrated Seal for Plastic Strap, stops strap from slipping under tension
The serrated pattern stops PET strap from slipping under tension.

Serrated seals are used with polyester strap.

But how to stop it from slipping under pressure?

By the aggressive serrated teeth at inner side of the clip.

We have developed a special tooling for forming the teeth

at inner side of the clip which look like normal but it is made

from Japanese High Speed Tooling Steel SKD-2

which we will supply you with two sets for your future use,

because it is the most importa spare parts for the machine.

Apart from this factor of strong serrated tooth, our machine

also make nice PET strapping clip with 1 mm thickness of

high quality steel plate which yield stregnth is > 340 Mpa.

Our machine has passed the CE certificate inspection


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Speed:90 pieces/minute

material: steel coil

Specification: PET strapping seal specification

Video: pet strapping seal video

Power: 1.1 KW

Machine weight: 550 KG

Machine size: 1.2 M2

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