Plastic Strapping Wire Buckles 19


The machine of Plastic Strapping Wire Buckles 19 x 4 mm


Composite cord strapping is designed as one of the best alternative to metal strapping.

When used with buckles, composite strapping provides you the strongest and most reliable joint. In fact it is considered the most durable joint in the strapping industry.

The machine which produces the buckles are very important in the whole industry line which need to be fast, cost effective and safe + stable.

our buckle machine provides the solution to the needs of customers.

we have 19 buckle machine

Speed: 45 pieces/minute

size: 19x 3.5-4.0 mm


Material: steel wire galvanized

Specification: specification for strapping buckle 19 machine

Video: strapping buckle machine video for 3/4" buckle




The machine of buckle -19 mm- 19 x 4 mm of woven polyester Strapping



Video: strapping buckle 19 machine video




overall view of 19 buckle machine





Analysis: how months get back what you invested


If you have a machine which can produce as fast as 60 pieces/minute for your production of 19 mm buckle, that 19 x 4.0 mm galvanized steel wire ) and if you can sell the products at a price of 0.045 USD/piece in your local market as minimum pricing, you will get a 1440 USD output and sale per day and will get about 200,000 USD output and sale in 6 months, and you will get the machine investment funds back after six months' production and sales if you have a 10% minimum profit (net) margin out of production and sales at your local market ( but of course depending on sale's ability) on the condition that keep producing and keep saling without stop so that you get back machine and workshop devices,etc being invested for this project in less than six months


(weight of each buckle 19 mm ( 4.0 -4.15 mm diameter)



We have customer from India who ordered three machines for buckles of 13 mm 16 mm and 19 mm, please click for more

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We have customer from South Africal who ordered the 13 mm square shaped buckle machine, please click for more and the customer ordered again

for enlarging their production with a counter for counting the numbers produced during prdocution.


We have customer from Belarus who ordered one 19 mm buckle machine and requested the land transportation to Belarus, click

We have customer from Morocco who ordered 13 mm buckle making machine and a hook making machine, click



If you want to know about the steel wire which is used in the machine please click the link below for more information



Customer inquired the steel wire


steel wire used in the machine


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