Kan een masjien dubbel- en enkelvou-snitte vervaardig?


Kan een masjien baie soorte bandknipsels vervaardig?


PET strapping seal clips making machine with a speed of 100 pieces per minute in Brazil



First order of two steel strapping clips machine with steel scraps as raw materials from Indonesia

New order from South Africa for Poly strapping seal machine (2021-06-25)

Solution for your manufacturing of strapping buckles


How to produce the stainless steel banding buckles and wing seals

2021-02-27 Newsletter on packing clip and strapping seal machines shipping to many countries


Strapping sealer and tensioner for PET strap are ordered by cusomters

Steel wire galvanized can be made into strapping buckle directly

Steel wire galvanized can be made into strapping buckle directly

Newsletter about strapping buckle making machine

newsletter for straping buckle machine

PET strapping straps shipped to South America

PET strapping straps shipped to South America

Snap-on steel strap seal making machine is working in Guatemala

Plastic poly strapping clip machine is shipping to India now


Steel strapping painted shipping to South America soon

Steel strapping painted shipping to South America soon

Rate of the 25 mm strap wire buckle machine


Rate of Packing clip machine



Snap On Steel Strapping Seals 3/4' are used daily and can be produced daily

Snap On Steel Strapping Seals 3/4' are used daily and can be produced daily

2020-10-10 news letteer of introduction to 25 mm heavy-duty strapping buckle machine

buckle 25 mm machine

World map for countries where we shipped the machines of strapping seal and buckle

2020-9-22 Newsletter

Best Small business ideas 2018,Packing clip Manufacturing Business in india


Packing clip Manufacturing Business in india


How to buy the machine? step by step explanation

How to buy the machine of strapping seal and machine of strapping buckle


Using steel scraps to add extra profit in your steel sheet workshop

PET and Steel strapping clips machine shipped with steel coil for both machines to Guatemala

Customer from Latin America country got machine and steel material for strapping clips


Poly strapping clip machine and its steel coil materials are shipping to Algeria


Composite strapping buckle 25 mm making machine has been installed in India

PET strapping clip machine is running well after four years

Three Composite buckle machines are ready to ship Ukraine

Machine of PET strapping seal is shipping to Vietnam

PET strapping clip machine shipping to vietnam

Machine of galvanized straping buckle 3/4" is shipping to Belarus


We shipped a machine for making 1/2" strapping buckle to Cape Town

Three PET strapping seals shipped to South Korea and Running well

Poly strapping clip machine is shipping to Lebanon

PET strapping seal machine is shipping to Egypt regular customer

Three strapping buckle machines are shipping to India

New customer from Maylasia bought manual feeding steel strapping seal (clip) machine

customers provided the drawing for making machine of manual feeding for steel strapping seal (clip) by steel scrap materials




New customer ordered buckle making machine and bamboo hook making machine

we have old customers who ordered punch press machine for making steel strapping seals ten years ago and now

ordered new machines for strapping buckle and wire hook hanger



russian customer ordered pet strapping seal machine for size of 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".



turkey customer ordered harder steel strapping seal machine



usa customer ordered three machines for pet seal, pusher seal and buckl



Indian customer had inquiry about the semi automatic manaul feeding machine



customer from south east of asia ordered nestack strapping seal macihine



customer from thailand ordered heavy duty machine for harder steel strapping seal



FAQ about steel strapping seal machine



faq about counter inside the machine



faq about pet strappng seal machine parts teeth plate



customer from thailand ordered semi automatic manual feeding machine



Customers ask about the cost of steel material



steel strapping seal machine ordered by indian custmer



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