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Double J hook making machine





Specification & Data for Double J hook machine


Machine Name


Machine Model



Diameter of the hook



5.5KW 1400rpm


Maximum diameter:
13 mm


Technical data


Hydraulic system one set

Production rate


Motor power

5.5KW 1400rpm


PLC control system Stepper motor


Full automatic operation


380 V

3 phase


Machine size


Weight: 1300. KG

Core-plates parts 2 pieces. for each size of 19 and 32 mm






Machine Size



Packing Size

2100 1800 1850


Feature of the machine

1) Wire Feeding by stepper motor, controlled by computer, high precision.
2) Automatic wire feeding, cutting, forming, continuous production.
3) Easy operation, stable and reliable.
4) One machine can produce multiple products, just need extra molds.
5) All machine parts are good quality, durable and long service life.
6) Can preset product quantity in the computer, when the quantity is reached, the machine will stop automatically.
7) Well designed and structured, easy to operate and maintain; one machine can make different dimensions of products just needs extra molds
8) Can set product quantity, when machine’s production reach this set quantity, the machine will stop automatically.
9) Driven by Hydraulic and computer control, so operation is reliable, stable, fast and precise
10) Long service life


Lead time

40 days after advance payment 30%


Payment term

30% advance payment by T/T before production
70-% balance against confirmation of samples and videos from the completed machine testing.
before shipping.


Unite price

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Video of the machine testing


















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