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Three-fourths-inch-snap-on-seal-machine | Sealing parts |

Customer service for shpping 40 feet container with other items

Steel strapping PET seal -13 mm- making machine





The legnth of the seal can be adjusted whch depends on your steel coil width.

You May produ PET seal -13 mm- length with 25 mm or 35 mm.





there is 19 items which will be shipped together

(1) Steel -strapping clip-machine (with one mold) push type 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 1/2" mold
 31mm width x 070mm thickness x 5/8" mold 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 3/4" mold
 31mm width x 070mm thickness x 1" mold 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 1 1/4" mold (YES)
(2) PET strapping seal machine ( with three molds) For PET strapping serrated seals  
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 1/2" 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 5/8" 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 3/4"
(3) polipropilene strapping metal seal with inner points machine ( with three molds) For polipropilene strapping band - metal seal with inner points  
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 1/2" 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 5/8" 
31mm width x 070mm thickness x 3/4"
 (4) dispenser cart for PP strap
 (5) Galvanized nipple 1 inch
 (6) Galvanized nut 1 inch 
(7) -PP strap clip-er for 1/2’ 
(8) PP tensioner for 1/2’
(9) Stainless steel Banding Screw Buckle (Internal thread) 5/8´
(10) Stainless Steel Bandings 5/8´ x 0,76mm coil/paper box (304)
(11) Stainless Strap Banding Tool KG08 for 5/8´ to 3/4´
(12)Seal Stainless Steel 304 (buckle) 5/8" ---- UNITS
(13) Painted Steel Strapping -19 mm- COIL
(14) Painted Steel Strapping 1' COIL
(15) Painted Steel Strapping 1 1/4' COIL
(16) High Quality Foot Pedal Spot Welding Machine for Stainless Steel Bandings 0,76mm to 1mm
(16) Electric Scooter 105km 35Ah Battery 3200W Powerful with 11inch Motor Wheel Adult Scooter
(17) Mechanical Power Press, Eccentric Press machine.. 15 Tons [DON'T Hydraulic]
110Volt / 220 volt 3phases
(18) steel bolt 
( 19 ))Piston stop circlip
( 20 ) )Flat washer



We provide online after service for the strapping clip-machine

The machine is made with high quality steel material and very solid
 and stable in production which can last as long as more than ten years
If you have a good and experienced technician who takes care of the machine 
so there is little problem occur during daily production
But there are some points which we have to pay attention to
 It is recommended that one machine to produce one size of PET strapping 
seal for a long period of time but if you need to change the mold very ofter
 due to market changing or customer's new demand so we strongly
 to suggest that you change the mold under the instructions of engineer 
on line by video communication which need one or two hours usually






Customer of PP-strapping clip-machine from Saudi Arabia required us to ship diesel vans both for passenger cargo


















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